"I laughed, cried, felt the urgency . . . the story will take you to another dimension of 'ahhh' moments of reflection and insight that will 'gotcha.' I could read this book again and again and get something more. I enjoyed i from the second I began to read."

"A thick slice of MaryAnn Easley pie. Oozing UFOs, sweet on science, and warm with fantasy. This veteran children's writer's many young fans should be satiated.....for now!"

Friday, October 9, 2015


Everything is energy. Te universe is energy. We are energy.

Life can be puzzling. 

Do you recall the first time you realized you were alive, that "Aha" moment of awareness of being a living, breathing human being?  It's something we put out of our minds, this miracle that we're part of an ever-evolving and creative universe with vibrant life all around. 

It's almost too much to consider,  so we focus on mundane ordinary things in order to avoid the reality that we are nothing more than energy, all interconnected, and impermanent beings.

In the YA novel CHANGED IN THE NIGHT, sixteen-year-old Allana Odette Blair deals with this awareness as she struggles with separating her dreams from reality. As humans, we're flawed, and Allana is definitely flawed with eyes of two different colors, wild red hair, and a terrible guilty conscience. 

Allana thinks she's chosen to be a warrior.

But we're flawed in other ways too. We reject rather than accept. We cannot see clearly and cannot even see ourselves. We hold onto ancient beliefs and the status quo because we feel more comfortable that way. We remain self-critical and non-compassionate. We compete, slay our own kind, and condemn. It's the way it's always been, so we think it's the way it should always be. We fear change. After all, scientific discoveries might bring to light the awesome truth that the moon and stars weren't made simply for our benefit? 

Allana in CHANGED IN THE NIGHT has her own set ideas. She thinks she's chosen and meant to be a warrior. She assumes that hanging on with all her might is being brave, but sometimes courage is in the letting go. 

Change is inevitable. Anything is possible. Nothing is as it seems.